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Topics allocation


Topic Students
1. Adaptive Trial Designs 0/4
2. Cross-Over Trials 0/4
3. Trial Designs in Early Clinical Trials 0/4
4. Ethical Responsibilities of a modern data scientist/statistician 0/4

General details

For any questions related to scholarships please use the correspondence email address:

The competition is opened only to enrolled students and it will take place  in October 2024 using an online communication method.  The schedule will be announced close to the date and the meeting invites will be sent by then.

Preparations includes:

Essay – 3 pages Times Roman, font size 10 (Maximum 1500 words). The essay will be based on the topic chosen.

Slide Set – Maximum of 15 slides. The slide set will be based on the essay.

CV in English

The essay and CV should be submitted  with at least 5 days before competition date .

There are 4 topics which are presented in detail below. A clear reference list should also be included – outside of those 3 pages. The language used should be English.

The slide set should be sent a day before the competition date . The slides presentation should last no more than 15 minutes.

Any fraud will disqualify the student for any scholarship, internship or possible job within Aixial Group.

The essay, CV and slide set should be sent on the correspondence email address.

Topics allocation

It will take place after the admission process. Start date 1st of October 2024` 18:00.There are 4 slots available for each topic. Please send an email to the correspondence email address with your preference. The sooner you send it the higher are the chances to get the topic you want. The email should also contain your name in order to allow us to easily identify you.

Topics details

1. Adaptive Trial Designs

An adaptive trial is a study that includes a prospectively planned opportunity for modification of one or more specified aspects of the study design and hypotheses based on analysis of data from subjects in the study.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Adaptive Trial designs and focus on specific areas in clinical research where you think they may have the most potential/impact in the next decade.

2. Cross-Over Trials

Discuss the principles of cross-over clinical trials including the rationale for their design.  Consider the advantages and disadvantages of these designs (specifically, where they should not be used and why).  Taking the common 2 x 2 cross-over trial with continuous data as an example, outline common design considerations for such a trial and propose an analysis strategy.

3. Trial Designs in Early Clinical Trials

The below quoted paper describes a variety of trial designs. Read the paper below and choose one of the methods mentioned and write a critical review of that method, including its application

Model-Assisted Designs for Early-Phase Clinical Trials: Simplicity Meets Superiority

Ying Yuan,  J. Jack Lee and Susan G. Hilsenbeck

JCO Precis Oncol. 2019; 3: PO.19.00032.

Model-Assisted Designs for Early-Phase Clinical Trials: Simplicity Meets Superiority. – Abstract – Europe PMC

4. Ethical Responsibilities of a modern data scientist/statistician in the field of medical statistics

According to Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” – discuss the ethical responsibilities of a modern data scientist/statistician, particularly in the field of medical statistics, and how this statement can be contradicted.